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Experiences are a new form of cultural entertainment that offer a different view of tomorrow's world. Instead of watching a film, listening to music or playing a video game, you visit a world that makes you experience emotions...


A universe without limits

Why just watch a movie when you can live it?
Escale experiences let you feel a universe of infinite space.

We're not just thinking about today and our 2D screens, but about sharing experiences that can be visited.

Here, you encounter the evolution of cinema: no more constraints and total freedom of movement.
You move around the world according to the scenario you choose.



A pause in time

Everyone has had an immersive experience in a video game, or a trip abroad, whether it's the graphics, the architecture, the sound, the atmosphere...

Very often, we've experienced wonder, happiness and pleasure, as well as chills and frightening sensations.

All these memories are anchored in our minds.

That's why we create immersive AND evolving worlds, regardless of your wishes. To create experiences you'll never forget.



450m² to share the best moments.

In a 450m² space, our streaming technologies can accommodate 60 visitors simultaneously, wirelessly and with unrivalled quality.

Visitors can see themselves in the virtual world: they follow a circuit to make the most of the worlds right in front of them.

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