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A stop in time to visit other universes


Building tomorrow's worlds: Escale

Through our technological innovations and the illusion of XR headsets, we manage to convey so many emotions that you'll never experience anywhere else:
wonder, fascination, surprise, joy, laughter, dreams...

Our free-roaming XR headsets bring space and time closer to home.


Crossing eras and minds


Imagine visiting a city through its history, the world of your favorite heroes, or experiencing a music video in real time.

Within an Escale experience, which is a three-dimensional virtual world, you can walk around and admire your surroundings as if you were looking at a simple image or video. You become an explorer of these landscapes: discover the parallel world that awaits you.
Contemplate or be a part of it.

These worlds can evolve and adapt according to events (Easter, Halloween, Christmas...).


Everywhere, all the time

To the delight of our visitors, in addition to sharing these worlds in theatres, we offer this content directly on PC and MAC, with or without an XR headset.

So it's possible to explore our works via an XR headset, or on a computer so you don't waste a second at home.


Developed for all devices, our experiences adapt to every XR headset, past, present and future. What will differ between headsets will be the quality of the graphics.

Experiences can be installed :
- In a backpack (very good quality), as Windows software.
- On a PC with WiFi streaming (very good quality), as Windows software.
- In the headset (lower quality), as an Android application.



Our approach is different from the works on offer.

XR has a duty to revolutionize all environments, so we're pushing the market to think bigger and further ahead.

Our ambitions translate into the creation of historical, filmographic and musical content...drie), in the form of an Android application.

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